Nov 27, 2011


                                                Concept of motivating and meaning of motivating
                The term "motivating is developed from the English word "motive" which is itself derived from tha Latin word "movers". Movers means to move. Motive may be defined as needs, wants, drives or impulses within an individual. It simply means something within an individual that promotes him/her to action. According to Keith Davis" Motives are expression of a person's needs and hence they are personal and internal." Motives are inner impulses that inducted a person to set a certain way. They start and maintain activities and determine the general directed of the behaviors of a person. Motaves give a direction to human behaviors because they are directed towards certain goals. A goals is an outward stimulus for the motive to work. Motivating, thus, means to make an individual works in a desired manner to achieve specific goals.
Motivating may be defined as the process of stimulating or inducing people to take the desired courses of action. In an organizational setting, it is the act of inspiriting employment to work to achieve the desired goals of the organization. Motivating involves arousing need and desires in employees so as to initiate and direct their behavior in a purposeful manner. The main goal of motivating is to influence the desired results. Motivating is the first important determine of productivity or higher performance. Some definitions are given below.
According to Dalto E. Mcfarland,"Motavation refers to the way in which urges, drives, desires, aspirations, and strivings or needs direct, control or explain the behavior of human beings."
According to Carrol Shard, "Motivating is a reported urge or tension to move in a given direction or ti achieve a certain goals."
According to Dale S. Beach, "Motivation means a process of willingness to expand energy to achve a goals or reward."
Motivation may, thus, be defined as a combination of forces inspiring a persons at work to intensify his willingness to use his capabilities for the achievement of desired goals

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