Nov 27, 2011

Committee structure of organization

           Committee is a group of people or work learns which is formed to solve some specific problems or to attend some specific objectives. The committee should be established according to the rules and procedure of the org.
According to New Man, “A committee consists of a group of people specially designed to perform some administrative acts. It functions only as a group and required the free exchange of ideas among its members.”
Committee are performed to solve specific problems or specific objectives, such committee are called Ad-noc or Temporary -yf]/} ;dosf] nflu_ and it the committees are established for a long time to manage the organization or achieve the common goals than such committees are known as permanent or standing committees. Some examples of Committees are BOD, Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Recruitment Committee, Problem Solving Committee, Research and Development Committee, Procurement Committee.
I)             Right decision
II)            Formulation of plans, objectives and policies and better implementation
III)           Practice of participative mgmt
IV)          Basics of reducing conflicts -ljjfw_
V)           Solving of problems or complicates -hl6n_
VI)          Commitment for the implementation
I)             Delay -l9nf]_ in decision
II)            Chances of creating conflicts
III)           Probability of diversion (change)
IV)          Lack of secrecy
V)           Distribution or sniffing of Responsibilities
VI)          Split -6'qmofpg]_ of accounting

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