Nov 27, 2011

Henry fayol's administration management theory:

                                     Henry fayol's  administration  management  theory:
Henry fayol(1841-1925)
*a French mining industrialist and mines engineer.
* worker in his mining at top level ,took responsibilities from his father.
* found various activities ,qualities and principles required for top level administrator.
*wrote a book in French in the year 1916 entitled "administration industrial generate" that was translated in English in the year 1929 as "general and industrial management."
*because of his contribution fayol is known as father of administrative management.

              Henry fayol 'a French industrialist and mines engineer contributed in the development of Management and administrative principles .his contributions can be explained in three different headings .
Division of industrial activities :
Fayol divided the activities into six categories:
*Technical activities –related to production and manufacturing.
*Commercial activities- related to buying ,selling and exchange.
*Financial activities- related to raising of capital /fund ,utilizing such resources optimally.
*Security activities –related to protection of property and persons.
*accounting activities –related to preparation of statements, accounts including statistics.
*managerial activities-related to planning , organizing ,commanding co-coordinating ,controlling.

Managerial qualities identified by fayol
·         Physical qualities- good health, strength of body and mine , well dressed.
·         Mental    "             -ability to understand and learn , judgment ,adoptability ,mental rigors.
·         Moral     "               - fairness ,willingness to accept responsibilities, initiative, loyal , intelligent                    and dignity.
·         Educational qualities-general knowledge about the organization, knowledge about the  organization.
·         Technical   qualities-  peculiar  to the functions to be performed .
·         Experience-  arises from work.

Principles of management/ modern management/ Administration
Henry fayol developed different principles or guidelines of management such principles are more suggestive and flexible, which can be applied in various types of organization. The fourteen principles developed by fayol are:
1.    Division of work/labor.
                      According to this principle, the works or total activities of the organization should be divided into small units or line components. From the help
2.       Authority an responsibility
                     Another is the power to conducted certain task or activities or power makers the employee responsible to complete the job. The sub-ordinates should be responsible towards their seniors to complete the task as per receiving authority. The authority and responsibility should be equal.
3.       Disciple
Another principle of management is discipline. It focuses on the respect on authority and tasks or job, obedient towards the seniors.
4.       Unity of command
According to this principle, sub-ordinates should get orders and instruction from one supervisors. Such sub-ordinate should be responsible towards the ordering supervisor only.
5.       Unity of directions
6.       Stability in tenure e
7.       Remuneration
8.       Equity
9.       Order
10.   Initiation
11.   Centralization
12.   Scalar chain
13.   Sprits de crops ( sprits of cooperation)


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