Nov 27, 2011

Process of steps of Delegation of authority

Process of steps of Delegation of authority
Step 1è Determination of expected results
Step 2è Assignment of job and duties to sub-ordinates
Step 3è Delegation of Authority
Step 4è Fixation of Responsibility
Step 5è Evaluation of Performance
Step 1:             The first step of delegation process is related with the determination of goals or objectives or desire results. The expected results are the predetermined outcome that are to be achieve from doing the jobs or works.
Step 2:             After determining the expected results or objectives the management assigns or gives task, duties and assignments to the lower levels or sub-ordinates.
Step 3:             In this steps top level management grants or transfer required power and authority to the sub-ordinates to perform or execute the assign task or job.
Step 4:             After assigning the job and providing powers or authorities to the sub-ordinates. It is essential to make them responsible to complete the jobs. Such types of creating responsibilities can be saved as fining the responsibilities.
Step 5:             At last steps, the management should evaluate the monitor measure the results of the jobs and assignments performed by the sub-ordinates. Based on such evaluation, management make strategies in coming days.

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