Nov 27, 2011

Delegation (transfer) of Authority

Delegation of authority is the process of assigning shorten duties and assignments to the sub-ordinates or individual or units and giving power or authority to them to executed such assign task delegation is the major technique or tools that supports to conduct theyo's through other peoples.
Delegation of authorities provides the environment of making quick decision by the sub-ordinates the authorities should always be delegated with the responsibilities/ assignments or duties.
According to Theo Hayman, “Del of Authority means granting of authority to subordinates to operate within prescribed limits.
F.G. Moore, “Delegation means assigning worries to other and give them authority to dolt.”
After analyzing above mention definitions we can conclude that delegation of authority is giving of the authority to the sub-ordinates to perform the assigned job within the organization limitations. It is one of the importance steps of organizing process hence managing process. Delegation fulfills the requirements of managing the activities done through other peoples.

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