Nov 17, 2011

Positive and negative motivation

Motives are expressions of a person's need and hence they are personal and internal as well. Motivation is something's that motivates a person into action and continues him/her in the course of action. It is complex of forces inspiring a person to work intensifying his willingness to use his/her ability to achieve certain goals.
Increasing the motivates level of people working in an enterprise is an important responsibility of mangers. It is such aspect of management which affects the behavior of employees. Management may use different tools of motivation to achieve the desired goals. Motivation may be of the following two kinds:
1)      Positive motivation
Positive motivation makes people willing to do their in the best way they can and improve their performance. Positive motivations offer some reward to people to act in the desired manner. It is, indeed, a tool of creating an interest in the mind of the employees for better performance so as to each the attainment of organization goals.
 Positive motivations are, thus, the process of attempting to influence the behaviors of employees through the means of reward. It is concerned with the incentives provided to the employees. Such incentive or reward may include include in wage and salary. Pro-motivation praise, encroach or reward may includes may take the form of monetary.
2)      Negative motivation
Negative motivation means the act of forcing employees to work by means of threats and punishment. Sometimes must initiates some against employees with a view to discouraging them understand behavior and encouraging positive behavior. It is the negative treatment exercise on the employees who are not performing their work as expected. Provisions relating to demotion, dismissal, transfer, penalties, group rejection, etc. are few examples of negative motivations.
It is not good practices in chose negative incentives to motivate employees. However, management may be compelled to use this technique with a view to preventing them form  undesirable behavior. This technique with to preventing them from undesirable behavior. This may be effective only for a short-term to motivation some person. Therefore, manager should adopt positive techniques for motivation their employees.


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