Nov 27, 2011

Management as an art, science, and profession

                                                    Management is and Art
Art consists different components like knowledge and skill that are applied to achive some specific goals. The skills should be practiced regularly by the artist. Management also consists different components that are reelected top art. Therefore it is also regarded as an art
            Marry Porker Follet has defined, "Management as an art of getting things done through other people,”
            Management consists following things components of art.
i)              Knowledge, skills and creativity of person.
ii)             Applied in practices.
iii)            Regularity
iv)           Result oriented
v)            Improvement through continuous practice.

                                                           Management as a science
Science is a systematic body of knowledge developed by research, experiences, experiments, observation etc. science is valued and verifiable.
      According to J.M. Keynes,” Science can be defined as a systematized body of knowledge which established the relationship between cause and effect.”
      Management can also be considered as a science because it alswoconsists fundamental characters or feature of science. Followings are a major components of management, such component prove management asa acience.
I)             Systematized body of knowledge
II)            Continuous application and saobservation
III)           Universal application
IV)          Cause and effect relationship
V)           Validity and verifiable.
All such characters and components are found in management, therefore, it is science. We can say that management is not a pure and natural science but it is a behavioural or social science.

                                                        Management as a profession
      Management is also regarded as a profession because the concept and component of the activities behavior and nature of professionals.
      According to A.S. Hornby,” Profession can be defined as an occupation specially required advance education and special training.”
      Followings component are included in profession.
i)              Formal and advance education
ii)             Body of Systematized knowledge.
iii)            Formation of professional association.
iv)           Service oriented or priority to service.
v)            Code of conduct or ethics.
vi)           Discipline

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