Nov 17, 2011

Nature and feature of motivation

Inducing employees to work harder for achieving common goals consistituates the motivation function of management. As a function of management, the main features of motivation are as follows.
1)      Component of directing
Motivating is an important component of directing functions of management. It is the responsibility of the managers to motive their subordinated to get all things done.
2)      Psychological aspect
Motivation is a psychological aspect of management. It is the internal feeling which arises from the need and desires of a person. Motivation generates from within an individual. It starts and keeps individual at work
3)      Goals directed
Motivation generates goals-directed behavior. Feeling of need by the persons causes him to behave in such a way that he/she tries to satisfy himself. Human needs influence behaviroues to achieve desired goals.
4)      Continuous process
Motivation is a continuous process. Where a particular need is satisfaction, a new needs is seen. It is the result of an interaction between human needs and the incentives offer to satisfy them.
5)      Integrated
A person is either motivated or not. He cannot be partly motivated. Each individual in an organization is a self contained separate unit. All their needs are interrelated and influence their behavior in different ways.
6)      Positive or negative
Motivation may b positive or negative. Positive motivation means inspiring people to work better by providing rewards and incentives. Negative motivation means forcing people to work by punishing them.
7)      Complex and Dynamic process
Motivation is a complex and dynamic process. Individuals differ in their needs and wants. Different individuals work to fulfill their own needs. They satisfy their need in different ways. Moreover, human need change from time to time

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